Curve the ball around a wall of defenders in a soccer penalty simulation shootout with ‘curve’ assist - take a one-on-one penalty shot at the goal keeper or try your luck kicking a goal around a wall of players depending on where you align the curve meter. Difficulty levels in our soccer simulators range from beginner to professional so kick as hard or soft as you desire. Soccer simulation can be played in single player mode or in a two player challenge with built in high score table. You can also play for your country in a world cup shoot out.


  • Experience the 'curve' meter; time your kick to curve around a wall of players in a penalty shootout

  • Levels from beginner through to professional

  • Measure speed and accuracy

  • On screen ‘boost’ function to increase distance and points

  • Replay function available in simulation to review successful goals

Video Demo 1

The video above demonstrates and example of someone kicking the soccer ball.

Click here or on the image above to launch the video

Video Demo 2

This video shows the features of the eball soccer software including curve assist, attraction mode and replay.

Click here or on the image above to launch the video


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