USA - Football

Increasingly popular in Australia  - successfully pass to the running back or kick a conversion and field goal – The football simulation also measures metres gained, speed, and reaction time. Played in a realistic stadium with customisable targets, as well as customisable in-game and unit branding, this football challenge using the eball football simulators is as versatile as the game itself.


  • Test your skill through the standard 9 football simulation plays

  • Select ‘fast shoot’ mode with 20 throws in 60 seconds

  • Kick a conversion from any distance on the field

  • See your pass or kick simultaneously televised on the overhead scoreboard shot from a follow the ball camera

  • Measure metres gained, speed and reaction time

  • Keep track of players using the scoring module and leader boards


Video Demonstration

The video above demonstrates an in game Football simulation.

Click here or on the image above to launch the video


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