Test your skills by kicking for goal from different positions on the field; don’t settle for a behind - The Australian football sports simulator is an exciting, state of the art sporting experience. Test your skill by kicking for goal from any position on the field. Set the difficulty level on the AFL simulator to suit your player’s skill level and keep track of players using the leader boards. The eball AFL simulator is currently featured at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra and the National Sports Museum at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


  • Test your skill and accuracy by kicking through the goal posts for a goal or a behind

  • Measure your speed, distance and reaction time and score

  • Fully-customisable in-game branding and outer unit branding

  • Keep track of players using the scoring module and leader boards

  • Re-create great kicks in the history of the game then you take the actual kick

Video Demonstration

The video above demonstrates an in game afl simulation.

Click here or on the image above to launch the video


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