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Invite the AIS experience into your school

In excess of 100,000 students each year experience the award winning simulators at the Australian Institute of Sport's interactive installation in Canberra


Students participate in a class or stage clinic run by our esports clinic leaders, who are qualified instructors. The clinics include ball skills exercises and full access to the simulator.

esports clinics give students the opportunity to participate in simulated games of their favourite sports. All sports assessment simulators put students inside realistic stadiums, bringing to life cheering fans, opposing players and motivating commentary in the ultimate physical education experience – kick or throw as hard as you wish with real balls!

Students' abilities are assessed with our interactive sports simulators according to the PDHPE Games and Skills outcomes. The progress and growth of each individual student can be monitored yearly or term-by-term.

Teachers and students are presented with a personalised print out of their speed, distance reaction time and score for each sport.

Teachers are then provided with a follow-up resource document to assist in teaching active lifestyles and further achieving PDHPE syllabus outcomes.

AFL Rugby Soccer Cricket Gridiron Custom


School pricing - $8.00 - $12 per student depending on numbers

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  • esports provides 10% of positions free selected by the school so that all can participate
  • As part of the service the units are made available during recess and lunch for all students in free play mode
  • The esports simulator experience can also be used at schools for after school activities, coaching or to enhance a special event


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AIS in Canberra - AFL Rugby and Cricket


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