Marketing campaigns

Experiential marketing at its very best - as a once off or long term campaign the number of impressions and experiences grows exponentially. With 5 sports available and a custom option esports help you create a different experience for each campaign each week or each year – our team enable you to deliver a unique experience – people walk away with memories associated with your brand, your key messages and want to return.

Show a receipt or product to take a shot – add a pic that appears on the leader board or tag it in Facebook

Leader boards can be displayed on separate monitors showing –


  • Longest kick/throw
  • Fastest kick/throw
  • Fastest reaction time
  • Overall score – can be a combination of any of the above
  • Highest number of continuous throws in a timeframe
  • Highest number of targets hit


NEW - Do it LIVE – In different locations - play one unit off against other in separate locations with real-time technology and leader board updates – wow this is sensational !

The sky is the limit and the team at esports are here to assist you to enhance your marketing ideas

Trade shows

Bring your brand to life with an interactive experience associated with your company or cause. The esports simulators fit neatly into a standard 3m x 3m trade show booth and turn your company name or logo into a memorable experience. Be the most visited booth at your next trade show.

Display your key messages and logos within the game whilst the external panels of the unit can be branded making the simulator look and feel specific to your company brand and messaging.

Data capture of name number and email address is available for follow-up or fill out a quick survey before the attendee can take a turn –SMS the top 10 so they come back to your site for the final shoot outs

Maximise your investment in booth space - it will change the way you look at the benefits from trade shows


Team building

Not everyone is fit enough to play paintball or wants to go rock climbing - let us show you how anyone can participate in the esports simulations – we create a level playing field - all our games are fully customisable from beginner to professional allowing all who want to play no barriers to entry.

From a simple kick or throw for fun at a target to a complete customised solution including your team pics and management on the screen – esports interactive can make a huge difference to your event – either offsite or at your offices.

Upload all your staff and management details in advance so that the system recognises the participants

Play different sports or games as a customised ‘ABC company challenge’ with your own hold screens between turns, game logic, characters and scoring – the esports interactive units are flexible.

This will be a team event that won’t be forgotten quickly – let us come back each year to create a different sport or activity


Presentation /Game Day

Sports simulation at a sporting event! – What a hit!

Cancel the jumping castle and run an esports interactive unit in free play mode to allow all comers to take a throw at the stumps
or curve the ball in the soccer penalty shoot-out – the esports simulators are a real draw card at presentation and game days.

People line up to take another turn – give prizes for highest score or longest kick or simply allow people access to compete against themselves – the units are robust enough to take the toughest punishment from your A grade team players and are attractive to all ages from kids to adults.


Private functions

Book a unit for your special event

At major milestone celebrations 21st 40th 50th 60th or grand final BBQs the esports interactive simulators change the way you remember your special event. It’s amazing what happens when good friends gather around the simulator for an afternoon of enjoyment – the competitive spirit comes alive and the fun flows it’s a sensational combination.

Cancel the trip to the local indoor play centre for Jack's party - everyone does that

Display all the kids names at the party on the screen – call the party ‘Jack's Birthday soccer shootout’ and have it displayed in the game – make it the focal point or use the unit in free play as an all-day activity -  Kids love it and remember Jack’s party!



The accuracy of the technology allows coaches to refine their plays and drills to suite the real-time environment – these units are tools than can act as toys – not the other way around.

From the 9 set plays in American football to a rapid fire kick or pass routine in rugby the SW allows coaches the flexibility to create their own routines whilst measuring speed, distance and reaction time.

All data is captured and stored in a database for reference trending and performace overtime.